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I’m writing something for this and you can’t stop me.


  Spencer sighed as he gathered the contents of one of the boxes Billy carelessly knocked over. How did he even do this? He’s a ghost! Spencer thought. He placed what was mostly his dad’s inventions into the box and stretched his arms out, letting them fall to his sides with a swing.

  He looked around and sighed again. This one was more of a groan actually. There had to be at least 12 more boxes to go. He is so going to pay for this! Blueprint after blueprint, box after box, stupid piece of Cobra merch after Cobra merch. It seemed endless!

 ”Cobra you’re dead…er,” the youth mumbled to himself. He sat on the floor filling yet another box with his family’s weird  stuff. He stumbled upon quite a few interesting things. Home movies, old hair-styling tools, a few family photos here and there, and surprise surprise more of Billy’s junk. When he finally came down to two boxes, he was thrilled. “How unexpected even more of Billy’s crap!” Spencer jokingly gasped. 

  What he didn’t expect was pictures of Billy with the family. “I remember that Christmas!” Spencer cheered as he went through some of them. It became harder and harder to stay mad at the ghostly rocker as Spencer read the little notes Billy had written on some of the pictures.

“‘The gang all together,’” Spencer read aloud, a smile was on his face as he looked down at a picture of his entire family. Jessica was the only one missing, but he put that to bed after noticing the large bump that was his mother’s belly with his Father’s hands wrapped around it. Now that all that was done and the boxes where the once were, he could go hang out with Rajeev and maybe Shanilla too. Before he walked out, he saw one last picture on the floor. Must’ve missed one. 

 He held the photo up and couldn’t stop the smile that took over his features. ‘This is my little brother-cousin-best friend, Spencer!’ He read. The smile grew slightly wider as he gazed at the picture of himself, no more than three, and a very alive, very happy looking Billy Joe Cobra. He heard someone enter, but he didn’t even look up.

"Wat’cha doing Brometheus?" Billy asked as he floated next to Spencer, without a care in the world. "Nothing, my big-bro-cousin-best friend. Nothing at all," Billy just shrugged, before dismissing the reply. "You wanna head out to the Wi Fri? Oh and I’m sorry about the box thing, bro," Spencer nodded and replied with a friendly "Sure," his smile never once left .   

TvT this is so perfect!

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